Trusted Protection, Inside and Out

Founded in 1984 by Madam Kao, mother of current CEO and president Belle Chou, SW has grown to become a leading innovator in the hand protection industry, while keeping our roots firmly connected to the needs of the workforce community.


SW believes in making life safer for workers, easier for managers and more efficient for companies who rely on single use gloves – and we believe we have a social responsibility to do so. People work their best and do their best when they feel their best. And that’s why we take hand health and protection so seriously.


SW Safety Solutions Inc: Trusted Protection Inside & Out Through our unique technologies, we give wearers more than just a basic barrier that protects the hand from external effects. We focus on overall quality of life as well as worker safety and productivity.


Keeping the needs of our customers at the forefront, SW continually looks to address Hand Health challenges and provide Performance solutions that address the issues faced within the glove-wearing community.


It’s one of the reasons we enjoy such successful relationships with our partners and customers—we all share a common vision to make single use gloves a productive environment both inside the glove as well as outside.


To us, single use gloves are merely the vehicle that delivers a safer, holistic environment by giving the wearer both therapeutic and protective benefits. Its more than just barrier protection, it’s about the well-being of the individual.