The Next Generation of Aloe: EnerGel

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EnerGel Skin Illustration
Aloe Vera polysaccharides 1000 kDa hydrate on the skin surface, but do not penetrate the outer skin and can be washed away.

New EnerGel has reduced Aloe molecular weight to below 500 Da. This allows for thorough penetration of the outer skin and reduce transepidermal water loss to retain moisture in the skin.

Natural Moisturizing Factors (NMF) attract water molecules from the surrounding environment and provide moisture to the skin cells.

Water molecules that are naturally on and within the skin that provide moisture, bonding to EnerGel Polysaccharides and NMF.

The EnerGel™ Moisturizing Technology found in SW nitrile gloves is made with a patented, next-generation technology using Aloe Vera to immediately deliver healthier, more hydrated skin. Preserving the therapeutic benefits of Aloe Vera, EnerGel is specially formulated to enhance these benefits for additional relief.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body; its vital role is to prevent loss of water and other components of the body to the environment. The Stratum Corneum (SC), outer layer of the skin, uses two main mechanisms to hold water:

  1. The oily region of the SC provides a tight and semi-permeable barrier to water loss; holding the water molecules within the packed oily region.
  2. Low molecular weight hygroscopic materials called “Natural Moisturizing Factors” (NMF) inside of the skin cells in the SC attract water molecules from the surrounding environment and provide moisture to the skin cells.

Apart from this, topical moisturizers consist of emollients and humectants to help the skin reduce water loss. Emollients are high-molecular-weight materials that can help prevent skin dehydration. They act as a barrier to the skin but can be easily washed away (ie: Typical Hand Lotion). Hydration is critical for maintaining healthy skin.

Aloe Vera’s Moisturizing Properties

Aloe Vera has been used as a skin moisturizer for years. The skin hydration associated with Aloe Vera is attributed to its polysaccharide, a larger molecule with a molecular weight of over 1000 kDa. The molecular weight of active ingredients is important in any topical formulation. For skin penetration, studies indicate that the molecular weight must be under 500 Da.

New EnerGel Technology comes with increased Aloe concentration, readily skin-penetrable polysaccharides with a molecular weight under 500 Da, and natural moisturizing factors (NMF). This ensures wearers get Aloe’s benefits at the right size to penetrate skin, creating lasting and effective skin hydration.

How Much More Aloe is in EnerGel

Here is a test image showing the difference in natural Aloe Vera and the new concentrated Aloe found in EnerGel. The red flakes shown are colored markers used to visualize the active ingredients in Aloe. The color indicator specifically bind with the Aloe polysaccharide, the prominent active ingredient in Aloe. The flakes represent the low-molecular-weight of aloe polysaccharides featured in our patented technology.

Benefits of EnerGel Coating

  • Enhanced water retention and hydration within the outermost skin layers (epidermis). This is achieved using three specific molecular sizes of the natural Aloe Vera polysaccharides and improved low-molecular-weight NMFs in the present Aloe.
  • Long-lasting hydration that is uncompromised by frequent handwashing.
  • Usually, the Aloe polysaccharides stay on the skin’s surface due to larger molecular size. The patented EnerGel process reduces this to a size that can easily penetrate skin.
  • Enhanced skin soothing and reduced skin inflammation/irritations due to increased Aloe concentration.

SW EnerGel Technology converts high-molecular-weight Aloe Vera polysaccharides into three lower molecular weight fractions that provide better skin hydration at the molecular level. Penetrating deep into the outer and inner epidermis, EnerGel provides long lasting therapeutic benefits.

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