SW’s EcoTek Glove is now GreenCircle Certified

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SW’s EcoTek gloves meet the strict green standard and proven performance.

SW is proud to announce that our EcoTek Nitrile Gloves with biodegradable technology are now GreenCircle certified to biodegrade 92.6% in a landfill in 2.5 years and do not leave toxic residue behind. SW went through rigorous evaluations based on a thorough review of bills of materials and laboratory testing; and audited the environmental performance requirements and manufacturing activities to ensure current product and future production will adhere to the standard set.

Green Circle is highly respected as a leader in establishing environmental and sustainability standards, and their certification ensures that consumers are genuinely buying sustainable and verified product claims. “We commend SW Safety for achieving their GreenCircle Certified Biodegradable certifications,” says Tad Radzinski, Certification Officer at GreenCircle Certified. “It is important for companies to develop products and materials that will biodegrade over time under the right conditions, and we applaud SW Safety for developing innovative products and taking the extra step to get a third-party certification.”

The GreenCircle mark provides a stamp of approval.

SW holds four GreenCircle certifications for its single-use and chemical-resistant gloves. The GreenCircle mark demonstrates our commitment to our stakeholders to support their sustainability goals. Waste prevention and reduction from landfills is one of the best ways a company can validate environmental responsibility and optimal performance.

As your sustainability partner, SW has sought trustworthy certification and will continue to create revolutionary products that prioritize the needs of future generations. Receiving this certification is a testament to our efforts to deliver effective and sustainable quality solutions to the marketplace.


View our certifications: https://www.greencirclecertified.com/sw-safety