SW Expands R&D and Training to Solve Unmet User Needs and Achieve Zero Waste

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By Scott Cores, VP of Sales | Dec 21, 2022

As companies face challenges in 2023 with rising inflation and interest rates, SW is taking proactive steps to ensure its stakeholders have access to innovative and sustainable hand protection solutions. The company has made significant investments into research and development, expanding its R&D efforts by over 50% and building a state-of-the-art training center in Nevada.

SW is also committed to corporate social responsibility, as demonstrated by its SA8000 certification. This accreditation, based on internationally recognized standards of decent work, ensures that social audits are undertaken impartially and effectively by a credible third party.

In 2021, SW received 11 FDA 510K approvals for its products, including the first FDA 510K for a biodegradable glove technology. The company is also focused on solving unmet user needs, with FDA 510Ks for chemotherapy-approved gloves, low dermatitis potential gloves, and fentanyl-resistant gloves.

“We believe in developing strategic partnerships to create, develop, and support shared values,” said Belle Chou, CEO of SW. “Our focus in 2023 is to provide stakeholders an opportunity to learn more about SW and our capabilities, and to offer simple, sustainable solutions and services.”

SW’s training facility will offer interactive stations for stakeholders to learn about the company’s innovative hand protection and to understand the importance of product selection. Over 90% of SW’s employees are Six Sigma certified, and the company aims to have 100% certification by the end of 2023.

As the patent holder for Aloe Vera and pH coated gloves, and with a commitment to corporate social responsibility, SW is well-positioned to thrive in a market where generic hand protection is expected to saturate the industry. Global demand for disposable gloves is anticipated to grow at a compounded annual rate of 5.7% until 2030, and manufacturers will be competing for capacity and lower price points.

SW is dedicated to helping its stakeholders achieve zero waste and to solving unmet user needs with its innovative hand protection solutions.