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Skin Health Alliance Endorses SW Safety Products

Skin Health Alliance SHA LogoSW Safety Solutions products have been awarded the Skin Health Alliance dermatological accreditation and endorsement. The Skin Health Alliance (SHA) is an independent not-for-profit organization working with international dermatologists, researchers, scientists and industry with the common interest of promoting skin health. The SHA’s ‘dermatologically accredited’ mark is an independent assurance that products have met a standardized set of skin safety requirements that are not set by the manufacturer or brand, but which have been agreed upon by leading international dermatologists and skin scientists.

Wherever consumers see the SHA dermatologically approved mark, they can be confident that the product has been tested to meet the rigorous SHA criteria which means it is skin safe and that any claims are evidenced by robust scientific and clinical research.

SW Safety products are the first single-use gloves to carry the Skin Health Alliance symbol. This globally recognized and respected symbol stands for the following:

  1. A product is skin safe when used for its intended purpose in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. A product adheres to current safety directives and legislation in those countries or regions where sold.
  3. A product and its packaging are not harmful to the environment at any stage of its research, development, manufacture or disposal.
  4. The product’s research has been professionally assessed by an independent committee made up of dermatologists and skin scientists unaffiliated to the manufacturer.
  5. The product user and the manufacturer are supporting legitimate skin disease and skin cancer charities around the world.

The benefits of this new endorsement to SW Safety’s valued customers include the following:

  1. SHA accredited products provide consumers with peace of mind as they are skin safe when used properly.
  2. Assures them that the science and research behind a product is robust.
  3. Assures them that the product meets international regulatory standards.
  4. Assures them that the product is not harmful to the environment at any stage in its development, manufacture or disposal.
  5. By using SHA accredited products consumers know they are helping to fund treatments and cures for the millions of skin disease sufferers around the world.

SW Safety is committed to always putting its customers first and leading with innovations and improvements that help promote their success.

For more information on the Skin Health Alliance and its accreditations please visit the Skin Health Alliance web site.

To see a list of SW Safety brand products that have been accredited and endorsed by SHA as being skin safe, please visit SHA’s Approved Products.