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Case Study: Extended Glove Use-AloeTuff

A world leader in the manufacture of advanced pharmaceutical chemical ingredients produces some of the most volatile chemicals currently in use in facilities around the world. Part of their attention to detail includes stringent PPE regulations and requirements that apply to every employee from lab scientists to equipment maintenance and painting crews.

Damaged Skin on Hand

Certain members of these crews, who spend extended periods of work time wearing single use gloves, were experiencing significant skin problems which they believed were caused by the harsh environment within a nitrile glove. Chief complaints included extensive peeling on the entire hand, similar to that caused by severe sunburn, and painful, dry and cracked skin that resulted in a breakdown of the skin’s barrier function against foreign substances.

The Industrial Hygienist tasked with these employees’ health championed various efforts to improve outcomes including switching to different glove models and experimenting with the application of various therapeutic lotions and treatments both before and after glove use. All efforts prior to working with SW Safety had resulted in only insignificant changes.

SW Safety arranged an extended trial of AloeTuff gloves for affected workers, anticipating that the combination of sweat-management and Aloe infusion provided by AloeTuff would be successful in resolving most of the hand skin health problems being exhibited.

Early in the trial, with individual workers less than 25 pairs into the test, the peeling and dryness had resolved in all cases without any compromise in performance. The switch to AloeTuff gloves resulted in dramatically improved skin health and worker comfort provided by the DriTek® and ACTIValoe®technologies while the high dexterity and ANSI Level III Abrasion resistance contributed to improved performance in the most challenging of environments.