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Manage What’s on the InsideNew hand health technologies and therapeutic advancements are changing the landscape of the single use (SU) glove. Going beyond serving as a barrier from the elements, SU gloves now actually protect your skin and manage the things that can cause irritation, dryness and chapping in an occlusive environment.When you don an SU glove, your hand is enveloped in a barrier material that safely protects your hand from a variety of liquid, chemical and light mechanical risks. However, this same barrier can also create a harsh, occlusive environment around your hand that presents an entirely new set of risks for hand protection.SW Safety Solutions Inc: Hand HealthWhen wearing an SU glove, your hand is contained in an enclosed environment with restricted airflow. Temperature begins to rise, which causes sweating and increased moisture, and pH levels to increase.The longer the glove remains on your hand, the more damaging this occlusive environment becomes and increasing the likelihood of skin dryness, redness and irritation.

Your skin’s pH is slightly acidic, ranging from 4.0-6.5 in a normal environment. Inside an SU glove, your hand loses moisture (sweats) and pH levels quickly rise, further effecting the skin surface and underlying layers. The skin’s ability to regulate its surface diminishes and the resulting alkaline environment can actually accelerate bacterial growth.

Imagine wearing a SU glove in the workplace for hours at a time over a period of days, months and even years. Add in the fact that your hands are “working hard” inside the glove while you grip, move, rub, etc., to complete your work tasks. This leads to friction and mechanical abrasion of the skin further exasperating an already difficult hand environment.

The need for “inside the glove” protection is clear and new technological advances by SW makes it easier and safer than ever before to offer protection “inside and out.” Your hands are not only shielded from external elements, but now the environment on the inside is managed, as well, to provide optimum skin health.

Medical or Industrial Grade?

Medical grade gloves…

  • are thoroughly tested to meet stringent FDA specifications for production and quality control standards.
  • are approved for use as a barrier to bodily fluids and chemical agents.
  • are also known as “examination” (exam) grade.
  • are not sterile or recommended for surgical use.
  • are ideal for doctors, dentists, labs and salons.

Industrial grade gloves…

  • Do not have an FDA 510K
  • are manufactured to lower standards according to ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) requirements.
  • are accepted for use in general purpose applications or industrial settings where bodily fluids and chemical agents are not an issue.
  • are also known as “utility” grade.
  • are commonly used for food handling and automotive.

Health Care Trends in the USA

In the USA health care costs continue to rise year on year. Currently, estimates indicate that over 2.7 trillion dollars are spent annually on health care.  Although health care spending continues to increase year after year, during 2013 the growth rate was at an all-time low. In 2013 although the rate of growth was thought to have declined to 3.6%, in 2015 it is expected to increase to over 6%. The effect of this trend is already being seen in the health care industry.

ebola glovesPreviously, Americans who had to pay out of pocket for procedures were electing to have fewer procedures done, but with the affordable care act’s mandate for country wide health insurance, more and more people are electing to have more procedures done. Furthermore the affordable care act has caused health care costs to increase at a slower rate. Essentially, there has been more spending but less costs for hospitals. This has been great news for the health care Industry and also good news for many citizens who are able to get the treatment they need but previously couldn’t afford it.

As health care spending growth continues to outpace the rest of the US economy, there is no better time than now to capitalize on this trend. With the increased demand for elected procedures in the USA, there also will be an increase in demand by hospitals for materials needed for these procedures (such as gloves). In Q2 of 2014 alone, revenue increased by over 8 billion dollars, more than the previous four quarters combined.


As such, hospitals have more revenue to purchase superior made gloves and now are moving away from purchasing low-quality cheap options as during the recessionary period. As the recent Ebola outbreak highlighted, cutting corners with cheap inferior products is not an option and has come under intense public scrutiny. Today, many nurses and doctors insist on triple gloving when dealing with possible Ebola infected patients to maintain security. It is important for any supplier to have options that can protect from blood penetration, bacteria as well as liquid and gases.  When purchasing gloves make sure they have the proper ASTM level clearance to be assured of their quality and ability to protect users from any threat. When it comes to health, cutting corners is not an option.

What is the Difference Between Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves

With the growing number of options available in the safety glove industry, it can be increasingly confusing as to which glove is good for what. We are consistently asked by both existing and potential customers about the differences between types of gloves and which ones are best. Though there are distinctive differences between latex exam gloves and nitrile exam gloves, other differences comes down to personal preference in fit and comfort.

Nitrile exam gloves are manufactured using nitrile rubber. Basically, nitrile is a synthetic rubber copolymer of acrylonitrile (ACN) and butadiene. Nitrile has been used in various industries that range from automotive and aeronautical to nuclear and of course the medical industry. Nitrile rubber has been shown to be more resistant to certain oils and acids than natural rubber but not as strong or flexible. It is a good option for those who experience allergies to latex options. Our soft nitrile material gloves are specially formulated to provide the comfort and flexibility of latex with the durability and chemical resistance experienced with nitrile gloves.

Protecting you, your staff and your patients is our passion here at SW Safety Solutions and we strive to make sure that all of our products exceed international standards. All of our latex, nitrile and specialty gloves go through rigorous quality assurance procedures in order to ensure exceptionally clean and easy to don gloves.

SW Safety Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Management Team to Lead Strategic Business Initiatives

Customer-centric innovations at forefront of new entity

UNION CITY, Calif., Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Shen Wei USA, a leading provider of innovative, high-quality products used for hand protection in the healthcare and industrial markets, has hired two former Ansell executives, Thomas Draskovics and Bob Gaither, to lead the strategic direction of a new business entity, SW Safety Solutions (SWSS).

SW Safety Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Management Team to Lead Strategic Business Initiatives (PRNewsFoto/SW Safety Solutions)

SW Safety Solutions Inc. Welcomes New Management Team to Lead Strategic Business Initiatives (PRNewsFoto/SW Safety Solutions)

As an independent unit, SWSS will leverage Shen Wei USA’s more than 30 years of success in developing single-use gloves for barrier protection both on the inside and out, while focusing on strategic initiatives to expand total hand health innovations.

Belle Chou, SW Safety Solutions CEO and president, noted, “Good business is about taking care of your customer, a principle we’ve embraced for the past three decades. We pride ourselves on developing innovative products and on our integrity to form true partnerships in the industry.  This will continue at Shen Wei USA as well as at SWSS.”

Chou continued, “Protection, comfort, skin care and consistent performance—these are the concerns of our customers, so we’ve always geared our products to meet these needs. Tom and Bob genuinely share this vision of providing the best in customer service and continued innovation.”

Currently CMO at SWSS, Thomas Draskovics most recently served as president and general manager for Ansell’s specialty markets GBU (global business unit). He brings with him a long track record of successful business leadership and strategic marketing across a broad range of B-to-B industries.

During his tenure, Draskovics successfully lead the transformation and expansion of a global PPE (personal protection equipment) business through the introduction of innovative new products, new vertical development and strategic marketing and brand leadership.

Bob Gaither joined SWSS as CCO.  Previously, Gaither was senior vice president and regional director for North America at Ansell, where he amassed over 35 years of hand protection experience in the industrial and medical markets.

Gaither was also instrumental in leading the charge to enhance customer value by leveraging six sigma process and tools, capitalizing on key growth verticals as well as improving efficiencies and customer service.

SWSS, a privately-held, woman-owned company, has made a solid commitment to future innovation through research and development as well as expanding core competencies to ensure that reliable, safe hand protection for its users is at the forefront.

Chou continued, “Building out our hand health initiatives through SWSS means relying on our rich history of developing glove technologies that promote comfort, skin health and personal safety.  Combining this history with the deep industry knowledge both Tom and Bob possess puts SWSS in the ideal position to develop the next generation of reliable, trusted hand healthcare products.”

SW Safety Solution’s patented ACTIValoe® aloe vera-based interior glove lining that heals and moisturizes dry, chapped hands has been used in 11 billion gloves worldwide and its innovative pH 5.5 coating restores the user’s natural pH, reducing the risk of skin irritation.

For more information, please visit http://www.swsafety.com/about-us or call (510) 429-8692.

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About SW Safety Solutions
Offering trusted protection inside and out, SW Safety Solutions (SWSS) creates unique products that keep users safe, while making their lives easier.  Its innovative developments have changed the way people think, see and feel about disposable gloves.

A privately-held, woman-owned business, SWSS continues to grow its history of achievements and industry firsts. Most notably, the company invented the patented ACTIValoe® glove, which delivers an optimized preparation of Aloe Vera to the skin, and the proprietary pH Natural® 5.5 glove that helps to restore the skin’s healthy pH, reducing the risk of irritation.

SWSS has always been committed to creative innovation and outstanding customer service, revolutionizing the healthcare and industrial products industry.

The company is headquartered in Union City, California with five dedicated manufacturing facilities in China, all of which are in full compliance with cGMP and are ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE certified to ensure product quality.  More than 2,000 employees worldwide work diligently to provide reliable, superior quality SWSS products.

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