Hand Health

Manage What’s on the InsideNew hand health technologies and therapeutic advancements are changing the landscape of the single use (SU) glove. Going beyond serving as a barrier from the elements, SU gloves now actually protect your skin and manage the things that can cause irritation, dryness and chapping in an occlusive environment.When you don an SU glove, your hand is enveloped in a barrier material that safely protects your hand from a variety of liquid, chemical and light mechanical risks. However, this same barrier can also create a harsh, occlusive environment around your hand that presents an entirely new set of risks for hand protection.SW Safety Solutions Inc: Hand HealthWhen wearing an SU glove, your hand is contained in an enclosed environment with restricted airflow. Temperature begins to rise, which causes sweating and increased moisture, and pH levels to increase.The longer the glove remains on your hand, the more damaging this occlusive environment becomes and increasing the likelihood of skin dryness, redness and irritation.

Your skin’s pH is slightly acidic, ranging from 4.0-6.5 in a normal environment. Inside an SU glove, your hand loses moisture (sweats) and pH levels quickly rise, further effecting the skin surface and underlying layers. The skin’s ability to regulate its surface diminishes and the resulting alkaline environment can actually accelerate bacterial growth.

Imagine wearing a SU glove in the workplace for hours at a time over a period of days, months and even years. Add in the fact that your hands are “working hard” inside the glove while you grip, move, rub, etc., to complete your work tasks. This leads to friction and mechanical abrasion of the skin further exasperating an already difficult hand environment.

The need for “inside the glove” protection is clear and new technological advances by SW makes it easier and safer than ever before to offer protection “inside and out.” Your hands are not only shielded from external elements, but now the environment on the inside is managed, as well, to provide optimum skin health.