Barrier Protection Against the Delta Variant



As the delta variant continues to spread across the world, Covid-19 infections are again on the rise. While vaccine efficacy is still strong against the new variant, breakthrough infection can still happen, the glove barrier protection has never been more important.

The pandemic has emphasized the importance of excellent hand hygiene, but what is the point if your hands are covered with cheap and ineffective gloves that cannot give you the required protection?


SW defends stakeholders from virus exposure by testing viral penetration on viruses smaller than coronavirus


  • Low pinhole defect rate that exceeds FDA standard
  • Proven virus protection as tested per ASTM and EN Standards
  • Quality testing certified per UL NFPA 1999:2018
  • No degradation when exposed to repetitive alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • Eliminates the need for double gloving that increases risk for skin irritation and hand injury
  • Quality manufacturing with consistent thickness from tip to cuff to prevent tearing

Better products start with
better manufacturing.


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