SW Update: Latest on Wuhan Coronavirus


Feb 14, 2020

As SW continues to monitor and manage information about the Coronavirus, we would like to provide the latest update about the situation in China. First, we would like to thank our fellow companies who are providing support to those who are in need there.

We at SW remain fortunate as all our employees and families are healthy and safe. We appreciate our manufacturing team who have returned with positivity and energy as we ramp-up production in China. We are truly lucky.

Here is the current status:

  • Full capacity production in our China facilities has been delayed as infection rates continue to increase and the necessary measures are being taken to prevent further outbreaks and deaths.
  • Through careful planning and management, most of our manufacturing facility employees have returned and completed their 14-day quarantine period.
  • We are now expecting that our China factories will begin full capacity operations by late February to early March.
  • Ground shipments throughout China remain challenging. Many truck drivers have not returned to work and inter-province travel remains heavily controlled and regulated.
  • The SW Customer Care and Logistics teams, led by Catherine Tang, will continue to update shipping status as information is made available, and they will assist our customers with any shipment needs. Catherine can be reached directly with questions at CTang@swsafety.com or you contact your Customer Service representative.
  • We are grateful for the proactive support from our manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Malaysia. Our lead times there have extended to 90 to 120 days because of the influx of new orders due to the increased demand from the outbreak.

At SW, we are thankful to everyone in their efforts to assist their communities and people in need during this crisis. We thank you for your understanding and support, and hope that your employees, colleagues, and families are safe and healthy during this time.

Belle Chou
President, SW Safety®