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SW Safety Solutions Inc: TouchTek

By removing the chemicals used in the manufacturing process from the final glove, our TouchTek technology provides a safer environment on the inside, while increasing performance capabilities on the outside. Unique post-processing technology produces a glove with less chemicals that is up to 75% cleaner than others available on the market, as verified through USP 661 testing.


The TouchTek advantage is two-fold. First, by reducing the chemical residue, potential skin reactions are minimized. Chemicals serve the purpose of creating a stronger glove material and increasing barrier properties, but many act as irritants to the hand. The residue can trigger an adverse reaction, such as redness, dryness or itchiness, on the skin and within skin membrane. 


In fact, some sufferers believe they are experiencing an allergic reaction to certain glove types, when—in reality—it’s actually from the residual chemicals used to improve the glove’s strength.


The second benefit comes in the form of workplace productivity. Not only does eliminating the residue protect the hand, but it also protects the work environment.   Because TouchTek leaves a virtually chemical-free environment, smudges, oils and residue that stick to work surfaces or compromise product integrity are eliminated. Overall performance and efficiency remains uncompromised.


TouchTek technology not only protects surfaces from glove-based contamination, but promotes skin and hand health, minimizing the risk of common skin conditions such as dermatitis, type IV allergies as well as the costs associated with lost worker productivity.