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High Performance Grip Technology

Our patent-pending technology TracTek™ is the latest innovation in patterned nitrile grip, designed to greatly increase grip on wet and oily surfaces. The pattern employs a uniquely efficient raised diamond micro-pyramid grip design that channels liquids away from key areas of the hand where traction is most present, and offers 200% more tactile grip on wet and oily surfaces relative to similar products:

- Maximum points of contact produce best possible grip.
- Rigid design ensures grip does not weaken with time and wear.
- Pyramid pattern keeps multidirectional flow channels open between points of contact to
   efficiently expel liquid without sacrificing grip.

TracTek Pyramid Tread Drawing

Tractek’s features create an unprecedented grip ability in a nitrile glove. This design affords maximum grip in all conditions without sacrificing durability or sensitivity.

High standards for grip technology are vitally important for both employers and employees. Gloves with superior grip reduce product damage, contamination, workplace accidents and injuries. In addition to product shrinkage costs from damages, lower quality gloves cost employers higher workers’ compensation costs and lost work hours from injuries sustained on the job. The benefits to employees are clear – more reliable grip means fewer accidents, less medical time off, and lower medical costs.

Dry | Wet | Oil - Glove Torque Grip Test Comparison:

TracTek Grip Texture Comparison Chart

Grip Performance of TracTek grip gloves was compared with that of competitive gloves of similar thickness, for dry, wet and oily conditions. ASTM F2961, the standard test method for characterizing Dry Grip Performance of gloves using a torque meter, was used for this comparison. The same method was modified accordingly to employ in wet and oily conditions.

PowerForm S8+ with TracTek Technology

PowerForm S8+ Nitrile Glove with Grip Technology Featuring TracTek, the ultimate in grip technology for wet or oily environments, PowerForm S8+ provides control when it’s needed the most.

- Unmatched wet/dry grip single use nitrile performance.
- Engineered grip pattern channels liquids.
- 11” extended cuff for added coverage and protection.
- Color-Q® technology enhances durability while providing visual
   breach detection with contrasted interior color.

Click here to view the PowerForm S8+