Soothing Aloe Vera and Interior Sweat Management

Soothing Aloe Vera and Interior Sweat Management Combine for Exceptional Hand Health in a Single Use Glove

Nitrile glove reduces dry, chapped skin and the feeling of ‘wet work’

Technical Specifications:

  • Powder-free, 8-mil nitrile single use glove
  • ACTIVAloe moisturizing aloe vera gel soothes dry, chapped skin
  • Absorbent lining wicks sweat to keep hands cool
  • TouchTek prevents skin irritation and reduces exterior surface contamination
  • Fully textured grip for superior dexterity, safer handling of parts
  • Conforms to several global PPE, chemical and environmental standards


UNION CITY, Calif., March 2016 – SW Safety Solutions (SWSS) introduces an innovative single use, nitrile glove for the workplace that helps mitigate the negative effects of glove wearing, including skin irritation and loss of grip due to sweat, by managing the interior glove environment.  AloeTUFF combines several of SWSS’ unique technologies to help increase job performance, making single use glove wearing more comfortable as well as improving safety.

Enhanced with a special ACTIValoe gel that delivers soothing relief to hands while gloves are being worn, AloeTUFF helps decrease skin irritation for increased wearer comfort.  The patented natural gel is purified and decolorized through a stringent process that retains all the therapeutic benefits of the aloe plant, versus other processes that lose these qualities and decrease aloe’s effectiveness.

Moisture Management
The gloves incorporate the company’s Hydrex technology, an absorbent inner lining that can wick away up to 45 times its weight in sweat, keeping hands drier and more comfortable, while adding strength and durability to the glove. This uniquely positions AloeTUFF to withstand harsher work environments with abrasion performance up to 40 times higher than a conventional 6 mil nitrile glove.

These industrial gloves are ideal for light assembly and metal fabricating work as well as machinery repair and cleaning, maintenance, production and packaging applications. Their high-visibility, bright green color keep a worker’s hands clearly distinguishable and safer from machinery and production equipment.

Ergonomics and Wearer Safety
Other features contributing to better job performance and safety is the beaded, 10.5” cuff that strengthens the glove and increases airflow as well as extends protection past the wrist. A textured outer surface increases dexterity for better handling of smaller or slippery objects.  AloeTUFF’s ergonomic design and low modulus formulation work together to reduce hard fatigue and improves finger dexterity, while enabling easy donning and doffing.

Each glove also employs TouchTek technology, a unique manufacturing process that removes chemical residue from the glove to further avoid skin irritation or risk of contaminating parts during handling.

Because of the integrated technologies and durable construction, AloeTUFF gloves last longer and facilitate better on-the-job performance, meaning less wasted inventory and increased productivity.  A more comfortable hand environment increases the probability that the worker will continue to wear the glove, leading not only to less frequent glove changes, but also increased safety compliance.

AloeTUFF gloves meet several PPE industry standards including EN 420 2003 and PPE CAT I 89/686/EEC (minimal risk only) as well as many environmental and chemical standards, such as REACH EU 1907/2006, Directive 2011/65/EU, EU Reg 528/2012, in addition to FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 for food safety.

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