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Accreditation Places SW In League Of Their Own For Providing The Leading Hand Health Solution In Personal Protective Equipment

SW Safety Receives Skin Health Alliance Accreditation

July 12, 2017 – Union City, CA – SW Safety Solutions Inc., the personal protective equipment industry leader in providing high quality, comfortable and durable single-use hand protection solutions announces the company’s full suite of branded products have received global dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance (SHA).

"It is truly a significant accomplishment for SW Safety Solutions to be the first single-use glove producer to receive this certification," said Belle Chou, President at SW. "This further validates our commitment to understanding the modern health and protective needs of users, as well as our responsibility to support the industry’s focus toward hygiene and hand health solutions."

The global Skin Health Alliance (SHA) accreditation – which is awarded by an independent committee of international dermatologists and scientists – gives consumers and users the reassurance and confidence that SW Safety Solutions takes their scientific and clinical research seriously. Furthermore, this shows the promotion of healthy skin is of paramount importance. The assessment for accreditation by the committee not only meticulously reviewed finished products, but also each constituent ingredient – further proving that SW products provide trusted protection inside and out.

The benefits of this new endorsement to SW Safety's valued customers include the following:

  • SHA accredited products provide users with peace of mind that they are skin safe when used properly
  • Assures them that the science and research behind a product is robust
  • Assures them that the product meets international regulatory standards
  • Assures them that the product is not harmful to the environment at any stage in its development, manufacture or disposal
  • By using SHA accredited products consumers know they are helping to fund treatments and cures for the millions of skin disease sufferers around the world


SW Safety Solutions features a full catalogue of high quality single-use gloves for use in any application where safety, hygiene, and total cost of business are priorities, such as laboratory science and testing, chemical engineering, industrial machining and manufacturing, food processing, and supply chain operations, among others.

About SW Safety Solutions, Inc. 

Offering trusted protection inside and out, SW Safety Solutions Inc. (SWSS) creates unique products that keep users safe, while making their lives better. SWSS has always been committed to creative innovation and outstanding customer service, revolutionizing the healthcare and industrial products industry. SWSS supplies a unique portfolio of products to meet the growing hand protection needs of workers worldwide. The company is headquartered in Union City, CA, and is a woman-owned business. More than 2,000 employees worldwide work diligently to provide reliable, superior quality SWSS products. For more information on SWSS and their products, visit