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Infused on the inner surface of the glove, our pH Natural technology restores and maintains an optimum pH level to support the skin’s natural healing ability and protect the hand from heightened pH levels.


By matching the skin’s natural 5.5 pH level, this all-natural, pH-balanced formula helps to prevent disruption in the acid mantle, a very thin, slightly acidic film on the skin that serves as the first line of defense from unwanted external elements. The balanced environment also preserves the integrity of the stratus corneum, or the skin’s outer most layer, further preserving the skin’s barrier function.


In a study conducted by Stanford University, users who wear pH balanced gloves experienced a decrease in the development of redness, scaling, irritation and roughness.


Due to the presence of excess moisture, irritants and vulcanization agents, an elevated skin pH level is common amongst individuals who wear single use gloves on a daily basis. By adding a pH balanced interior coating that is optimized for the skin, individuals no longer have to suffer.