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Our MilTek technology delivers a more consistent material thickness across the entire glove – from fingers to palm to cuff. This breakthrough technology involves a production process that delivers a smoother thickness gradient – which is the thickness deferential between the three areas – that gets as close to zero as possible.


So what does this all mean to you, the single use glove user? You do experience greater finger dexterity, which results in greater productivity and efficiency. You don’t experience finger fatigue. You’ll be much less prone to long term musculoskeletal disorders. You’ll benefit from greater protection from contaminants. And, the thicker cuff will result in a stronger glove, so fewer glove changes and less wasted gloves.


As a result of our specifically engineered polymer formulations and intricate dipping motion control, a MilTek-produced glove demonstrates less tear, better tactility and a better quality consistency. The bottom line: You get performance without the pain.