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Your hands are your lifeline to your patients, so skin irritation from wearing single use (SU) gloves is not an option. From collecting samples to conducting examinations to providing basic patient care, it is the personal touch that makes your job enjoyable.

But to keep both you and the ones you care for safe, you need reliable protection. Occupational duties, such as handwashing or repeatedly changing gloves between patients (which exposes your hands to extreme fluctuations in environmental humidity and temperature) can all lead to hand health issues including dryness, itching and possibly dermatitis.

We focus our research and innovations on technologies that ensure skin integrity remains uncompromised, providing an optimum hand health environment. Therapeutic elements offer long term benefits to SU glove wearers, so donning a pair is less a chore and more a comfortable, soothing experience.

And we also pride ourselves on our commitment to liquid barrier protection and performance technologies integrated into our SU gloves, developing solutions that protect and assist you in providing the best level of patient care.


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