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Summing Up the Additives Used to Minimize Skin Irritation


Coating the inside of a glove with hand health additives such as aloe vera, lanolin, glycerin or vitamin C to minimize the effects of an occlusive environment is a common practice among manufacturers of single use gloves.


Various challenges, including redness, perspiration, pH levels, dry skin and more can all lead to skin irritation and ultimately dermatitis. An additive within the glove that forms a barrier from the skin can help in reducing these irritation-cause factors. 

SW Safety Solutions Inc: Hand Health Additives

Additives can be combined together to create a protective environment or used in conjunction with other technologies to deliver a superior glove that provides hand health benefits as well as performance attributes.


But evaluating each additive is important to recognize which one is most ideal for your specific environment, since not all are created equal…


Common additives and their effect:


Glycerin, a humectant, pulls moisture towards it. So in lower humidity environments, it will actually draw moisture from the deeper skin surfaces below and trap it at the skin’s surface, essentially drying your skin from the inside out.


Although lanolin is a widely used additive, there is a percentage of the population that is allergic to it, making it more of an irritant than method to calm and soothe skin, making the wearer more susceptible to contact dermatitis.


Coating gloves with Vitamin C helps to moisturize the skin and prevent wrinkles, making it one of the more useful additives. But Vitamin C oxidizes very easily, which makes it lose its effectiveness. Plus there are various grades, yet no studies have been done to determine which is best for a hand health environment.


Choosing the best hand health additive:

SW Safety Solutions Inc: Aloe Vera

The most beneficial additive is aloe vera, drawing from a 3,500 year history of effective skin care. It has anti-inflammatory properties, has been proven to accelerate the skin’s healing process and also improves skin hydration. Just as with Vitamin C, there are a wide variety of aloe vera types…and recent studies have shown that not all are beneficial.


As of April 2015, California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has identified Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Extract as a chemical known to cause cancer (Prop 65).


What’s most important to note is that decolorized whole leaf aloe vera extract is specifically excluded from Prop 65. At SW, we work exclusively with the recognized premium aloe vera ingredients supplier, Aloecorp Inc., which produces OEHHA-cleared premium quality decolorized aloe vera using their own patented process. It’s sold as the SW brand name ACTIValoe. To ensure the aloe vera being used in the gloves your workers are wearing is safe, check for this brand logo on the package.