SW Safety Solutions Inc.

Our Commitment to Go Green


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With over 2,000 employees worldwide, our goal at SW Safety Solutions Inc. is to develop sustainable business operations in harmony with human lives.  We strive to do our part and help resolve challenges based on extensive research and quantitative metrics for environmental impact.

SW Safety Solutions Inc. is committed to the following sustainability initiatives in accordance to the Go Green movement:

Maintaining Responsible Management

As a global corporate citizen, SW Safety Solutions Inc. believes that the responsibility for a product or service lies with the manufacturer. We are proactive in reducing the environmental impact at each stage of the product life cycle from manufacturing to disposal.

Natural Resources and Recycling

We continually work to reduce consumption of natural resources, support zero waste emission efforts, and recycle end of life products and packaging materials.

Outer packaging includes 90% Recycled Paper;
Inner packaging includes 70% Recycled Paper.

Establishing Environmental Objectives

We set objectives and program goals that translate our Go Green initiatives into reality. These metrics are constantly monitored to further lessen our environmental footprint.

Restricting Hazardous Substances

We voluntarily reduced the use of volatile organic compounds that are deemed risky for the environment. We are dedicated to preventing chemical pollution and take every opportunity to minimize the amount of chemicals in our products.

Creating Sustainable Procurement

As part of our effort to manufacture products with a low environmental impact, SW Safety Solutions Inc. procures materials from suppliers committed to Go Green. We perform a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the initiatives in place at each site and the use of controlled substances.