Fully Textured Single Use Gloves Improve Handling of Smooth or Slippery Surfaces and Small Components

Fully Textured Single Use Gloves Improve Handling of Smooth or Slippery Surfaces and Small Components

Raised diamond pattern from fingers to palm provides safer, more secure grip

Fully Textured Grip In Single Use Gloves

Technical Specifications

  • Fully textured surface from fingertips to end of palm
  • More secure grip in oily, wet environments and on smooth surfaces
  • Enhanced dexterity when handling small parts
  • Available with other SW hand health and performance technologies


UNION CITY, Calif., June 2016 – SW Safety Solutions now provides fully textured single use gloves with a grip-enhancing pattern that extends from the fingertips down across the palm of the hand.  Whether a task requires gripping smooth or slick surfaces or more dexterity is needed to hold onto small components, a fully textured surface enables safer, more secure handling than gloves with a more conventional grip pattern covering only the fingers.

Designed for use in everything from working in laboratories and automotive shops to performing janitorial services, these gloves work well in environments prone to slippery conditions and where liquids or glass are managed.  A fully textured glove, where the grip pattern extends from the fingers to the palm, provides added protection to prevent spills and drops that could result in personal injury.

Safer Handling with Better Grip
Texturing across this larger glove surface provides for more secure handling, which is important when working with smaller components.  Enhanced manual control reduces loss and damage to sensitive parts and pieces in industries such as production, packaging and assembly.

David Cohen, Director of Product Marketing for SW Safety notes, “Our product development process has always focused on improving job performance, while making the work environment safer.  Single use gloves with full texturing provide a much more secure grip than those with finger-only texturing.  This is an important distinction in applications where the wearer is handling glass objects, where liquids make surfaces more slippery or when small components need to be handled very delicately.”

SW Safety gloves with full coverage, textured grip are available for a variety of tasks and specifications, and include the company’s performance and hand health technologies that provide a more advanced solution for today’s users of single use gloves.

Protection On The Inside As Well
SW Safety’s commitment to protection inside the glove includes ActivAloe, an exclusive form of aloe manufactured using a patented process that helps retain the skin’s natural health benefits, Hydrex, a moisture management technology designed to keep hands dry and comfortable and pH Natural, which regulates pH inside the glove to help skin stay closer to its normal acidic range and resist the growth of harmful bacteria.

Exterior SW Safety glove technologies include residue removing TouchTek that eliminates irritating chemicals and provides a clean work surface for sensitive components and testing as well as MilTek, which provides a more consistent thickness gradient across the glove for decreased hand fatigue and more reliable strength from finger to cuff.

The gloves come in nitrile or latex, powdered and powder-free, and in a variety of colors based on specific type. 

Pricing and delivery is dependent on specific glove and quantity ordered.

For more information, please visit http://www.swsafety.com/about-us or call (510) 429-8692.