Barrier Protection

Staying Protected By Maintaining Barrier Integrity


Barrier Protection Infectious diseases, chemical splashes, abrasive surfaces--whatever your reason for wearing single use (SU) gloves, you wear them because they provide an impenetrable barrier between you and your work environment, which can be laden with health and environmental hazards.


SU gloves are the first line of defense in limiting your exposure to these risks, so durability, resilience and strength all play a major role in maintaining the integrity of that barrier, with proper fit and material type weighing in close behind.


Protection is the name of the game.  At SW Safety Solutions, we take this concept beyond the traditional notion that an SU glove is just a barrier between you and your environment. 

  • Your skin needs protecting within the interior glove environment itself  
  • Your hands need protecting from ergonomic pitfalls, like muscle cramping and finger fatigue  
  • Your work environment may even need protecting from chemical residue use in SU glove manufacturing

Technologies that benefit all these areas are integrated into our gloves, selected specifically for the type of work being performed, to make sure you are wearing the glove best matched to your needs.  So be sure to select the type of glove needed for the task at hand in the size that best fits, and you’ll be provided with the best protection from your SU glove.