Absorbent-lined Single Use Gloves Manage Perspiration, Promoting Skin Health

Absorbent-lined Single Use Gloves Manage Perspiration, Promoting Skin Health

Innovative inner layer delivers protection, comfort and durability

Technical SpeMegaman Moisture Absorbing Single Use Glovescifications:

  • Absorbent inner layer controls perspiration and promotes skin health 
  • Durable multilayer construction for increased barrier protection
  • Lasts up to 3X longer than traditional disposable nitrile gloves


UNION CITY, Calif., December 2016 – SW Safety Solutions, provider of innovative protection in single use gloves, offers Megaman, a nitrile glove designed to manage perspiration on the inside, while providing extra durability for longer lasting protection on the outside.

Megaman gloves incorporate SW’s unique Hydrex moisture-wicking technology that brings greater comfort to workers wearing single use gloves in demanding, light duty applications. These include mechanical repair, equipment maintenance and parts assembly.  A drier interior environment improves skin health, facilitates donning and doffing and increases overall worker productivity through less frequent glove changes.

Increased Durability; Enhanced Protection
Multi-layer construction adds to the gloves’ strength, offering up to 50 times more abrasion resistance than traditional 8-mil nitrile gloves. The increased durability not only makes for a stronger and safer product, but one that is more economical as well. 

With an extended cuff and up to 30% better chemical splash protection than common single use gloves, Megaman gloves are an ideal alternative to heavier duty, unsupported nitrile gloves for certain medium duty applications, where increased tactility and dexterity are required.

Comfort Equals Productivity
Because each glove lasts longer, glove changes and work interruptions are reduced, resulting in PPE supply cost savings as well as workers that are more productive.

And with the added comfort the gloves provide, users are more likely to keep them on to ensure compliance with OSHA and employer safety regulations.

For more information, please visit http://swsafety.com/megaman.html or call (510) 429-8692.