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SW Safety Solutions Inc: Active Aloe

For centuries aloe vera has provided health benefits, such as skin conditioning, anti-inflammation and healing properties, that are unmatched in the skin care industry. ACTIValoe preserves these benefits to give users a positive, therapeutic single use (SU) glove environment that promotes skin health.

ACTIValoe, a process patented by Aloecorp to produce an optimized and purified derivative of the aloe vera plant, is used exclusively by SW for application to their SU gloves in an additional patented process.


Through a stringent purification and decoloring process, Aloecorp retains the significant health benefits of the original aloe vera, unlike other manufacturing processes. In fact, the material is specifically formulated to deliver the optimal mix and ratio of polysaccharide molecular weights in the range of 50,000 to 200,000 Daltons to offer the highest polysaccharide content of any aloe vera-based glove technology on the market.


When activated within the glove environment through the skin’s natural hydration process, the patented ACTIValoe technology is delivered directly to the epidermis with a moisturizing and soothing effect.


A study by Northwestern University has shown that users of gloves containing ACTIValoe reported overall improved skin health and appearance, with a decrease in irritation, inflammation, contact dermatitis, dryness and redness. 


Hand health challenges like dermatitis, perspiration and overall comfort face many workers across the world who are required to wear gloves to perform their jobs. Wearing single use gloves can perpetuate an occlusive environment that can damage the exterior layers of skin on the hand. By adding ACTIValoe® technology to single use gloves, workers’ hands become moisturized and soothed while they work.